BTEC Qualifications

Our Kent BTEC Qualifications enable exceptional progress. We listen, understand and create a flexible and supportive education.

Kent BTEC Qualifications

Our specialist BTEC Qualifications are focused on future careers and onward pathways.

We believe in ‘big dreams and real results’, meaningful outcomes, qualifications and skills for life. We remove barriers to education for many of our students to support engagement, progress and aspirational outcomes. Education and well-being is the key to a positive future.

Many of our students move on to successful college and university placements, apprenticeships, supported internships, interest-based work and much more.

Our BTEC Pathways can be studied in conjunction with therapeutic pathways, mentoring and other qualifications or as a main focus. 

BTEC Hair and Beauty Courses

BTEC Hair & Beauty

New at Tuition Extra!

Salon Extra is a hub for young people to study on BTEC Hair and Beauty courses with industry experts. Learners have the flexibility to follow their passions and build skills for life!

BTEC Level 1 qualification in Vocational Studies

Kent BTEC Qualifications

Our vocational hubs, Recording Studio and Media Suite have opened up a world of creativity for music production and design.

The Tuition Extra Farm, Woodland, Woodwork Zone, Mechanics’ Workshop and Salon provide real opportunities to learn in a hands-on and kinaesthetic way, developing skills for life!

Our Kent BTEC Qualifications can be studied in conjunction with therapeutic pathways, mentoring and other qualifications or as a main focus.

Vocational skills support employment opportunities in the 21st Century!


Our Offer

Kent Tutor

Mentoring & Life Skills

Beskope Tuition

We aim to give young people the skills to thrive and manage their lives on their journey through adulthood. All sessions are bespoke. 

Kent GCSE Tuition

GCSE Courses

Bespoke Tuition

Tutors provide subject specialism and a structured approach to maximise learning and progress.All sessions are tailored to a leaners individual needs.

A-Level Tuition

A-Level Courses

Beskope Tuition

A-Level pathways require a targeted approach specific to each subject. We offer tailored tuition, revision support, with full guidance for UCAS applications.

Kent Functional Skills

Functional Skills 

 Bespoke Tuition 

Functional Skills Courses in English, Maths and ICT for all learners. From Entry Levels to Level 1 and 2. We equip our learners with the skills to live. 

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