Frequently Asked Questions

Can I name Tuition Extra on our EHCP?
No, you can’t name Tuition Extra on your EHCP, but you can ask your local authority caseworker to put Tuition Extra as a interim preference.
Do you cater for Personal Budgets?
Yes we can prepare a costing package tailored around your child or young persons need. Please get in touch.
My child does not have an EHCP, how will you tailor their provision?
If a child or young person does not have an EHCP, we will ask to look at other relevant reports, we will take into consideration a child or young person’s journey to us, their learning style, historic schooling and personal circumstances.

It is important for us to take time to understand the details of an individual needs in order to ensure that we respond to each child and young person in a bespoke and tailored way.

What are your prices?
As a bespoke service, we create pricing packages according to your requirements. Please, get in touch.

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