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Frequently Asked

Can I name Tuition Extra on our EHCP?

No, you can’t name Tuition Extra on your EHCP, but you can ask your local authority caseworker to put Tuition Extra as a preference.

Do we cater for Personal Budgets?
Yes we can prepare a costing package tailored around your child’s need. Please get in touch. 
My child does not have an EHCP, how will you create their provision?
If a child or young person does not have an EHCP, we will ask to look at other relevant reports, we will take into consideration a child or young person’s journey to us, their learning style, historic schooling and personal circumstances. It is important to take time to understand details of a pupil’s individual needs in order to ensure that we respond to each young person in a bespoke and tailored way.
Do you have qualifed and trained staff to meet the SEN needs of child?
Yes, we do. Our Additional Educational Needs Provision combines a diverse and experienced team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Experts, Sensory Processing Specialists, THRIVE Approach Practitioners, as well as trained Irlen, Dyslexia and ASC Professionals. Our therapeutic provision is led by our SEN Team and experienced SENCO.

 Our tutoring force is made up of subject specialists, vocational professionals, positive behaviour experts and those who have worked as therapists and practitioners across disciplines including art, animal, trauma or family therapies and social work.

Do you offer theraputic services?
Yes, we do. We tailor packages around an individual’s needs and circumstances. Please refer to our Additional Education Needs Provision and Thrive Approach page. We can off CBT therapy, Counselling and other Pyscho-Therapy provisions.  


What are your prices?
As a bespoke agency, we create pricing packages according to your needs. Please, get in touch.
Are all your tutors qualifed?
No, we recruit from a wide range of experience professionals ranging from social and support workers as well to retired professionals. All our tutors are highly skilled experts and utilising all their professional knowledge to deliver bespoke sessions.
Do you provide transport?

KCC does not organise transport. Please, refer to Transport Services.  

For online leaners, do you provide laptops?
We provide Chrome Books to online learners who do not have access to a laptop or tablet.
Do you cover small group catch-up session in schools?
Yes, we do. We will ask you to send a pupil referral form detailing all your needs so that we can provide you with a tutor who best matches your pupils.
What do children do at Tuition Extra's Anicent Woodland.
Ancient Woodland: Our Ancient Woodland has an abundance of wildlife and nature. The wildlife garden provides a varied habitat for badgers, foxes, rabbits and hedgehogs.

We raise caterpillars, study bugs and their lifecycles, and this gives young people the opportunity to be hands-on and understand the importance of various habitats. Our natural landscape is used as a Bush Craft and Forest School, encompassing outdoor cookery, den-building, music, horticulture and farming practices. All activities focus on hands-on, nature-based learning that connects children with the natural environment.

Bespoke Education

Tuition Extra Kent works with a large number of educational institutions throughout Kent to support children in and out of school. Children receive the highest level of education and therapeutic from our expert team.

How We Work

Pupils can be admitted to us privately or through a Local Authority route.

Many pupils will have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), Additional Educational Need or have an interest in a particular subject area.

Meet our Team

 Learning is a process, Tuition Extra was born out of the idea of learning being creative, active and academic.

Recognising that a tailored approach, life skills and being active outside are important to learning.


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Phone Number

01227 935773

Email Address



Roper Yard, Roper Road
Canterbury, CT2 7EX