Additional Educational Needs Provision

Together we go above and beyond – Tuition Extra is more than simply tutoring.  We deliver tailored therapeutic well-being programmes.

Additional Educational Needs Provision

Here at Tuition Extra, our Additional Educational Needs Provision combines a diverse and experienced team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Experts, Sensory Processing Specialists, Thrive Approach Practitioners, as well as trained Irlen, Dyslexia and ASC Professionals.

Our therapeutic provision is led by our SEN Team and experienced SENCo who work hard to remove barriers to learning in order to improve student engagement through a holistic and truly child-centred approach. Together we go above and beyond – Tuition Extra is more than simply tutoring.  We deliver a fully tailored, therapeutic educational programme that nurtures and inspires each young person, tapping into their true life potential.

We take CPD and ongoing staff training very seriously to ensure that our team is properly supported and able to operate to the very highest of standards. Our breadth of experience and expertise enables academic success and personal growth through a holistic approach which places each young person at the very centre of what we do. 

Our approach to education works and our track record of success has changed lives for the better.

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SEN Team
Our Special Educational Needs’ (SEN) Team is led by our experienced, senior SENCO. The team works to ensure that each child or young person with SEN has their needs met. Our SENCO supports tutors and ensures that all staff follow Tuition Extra’s SEN Code of Practice. The SEN Team identifies, assesses and plans for the needs of our students, implementing strategies and developing support programmes to meet needs and break down barriers to learning. This team is central to our Service and is responsible for co-ordinating our resources and our extensive team of professionals.
Therapeutic play workers

Our therapeutic play workers, support children and young people with a varity of additional educational needs and those who have had an adverse childhood experience. Therapeutic play workers help children and young people to gain insight and understanding of their experiences, increasing emotional resilience and developing coping strategies, decreasing internalized conflicts. They work closely with parents and carers throughout the play intervention and can undertake parent-child relationship interventions.

Our psychotherapists cover many specialisms from anxiety, self-perception, self-harm, psychosis and more.  They are able to work on an individual basis to provide psychological interventions that enable positive change.  These changes aim to help an individual overcome barriers to their mental well-being in order to support personal growth and to move forwards in life successfully.
Dyslexia Professionals
We can provide a full Dyslexia diagnosis service and our specialists can provide support to address the challenges that pupils may face, acquiring, recalling and retaining information of written and spoken language. They can work on a one-to-one basis developing academic competencies such as organisation, exam preparation, research techniques and memory skills.
Irlen Syndrome Specialist
Our Irlen Syndrome (visual-perceptual problems) professionals have been trained and certified in line with the Helen Irlen Method. We are able to screen for Irlen Syndrome and can facilitate full diagnostics, onward strategies and coloured lenses if required.
Occupational Therapists
Occupational Therapists (OT) help pupils with fine and gross motor skills and motor planning difficulties. Our OTs can help students to improve physical tasks which can improve self-esteem and build confidence. The therapy is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and is incorporated into a student’s broader curriculum.
Speech & Language Specialists
The speech and language specialists at Tuition Extra provide life-changing treatment, support and care for children and young people who have difficulties with communication. Working with pupils who, for physical or psychological reasons, have problems speaking and communicating. Our speech and language professionals motivate, reassure and empower pupils.
Sensory Specialists

Our specialists identify, develop and implement a range of strategies designed to meet children and young peoples’ sensory needs. In turn, they support and embed the development of sensory-based approaches across an individual student’s bespoke education and therapeutic provision. Our Sensory Specialists work closely with both our OTs and SENCOs.

Autism Spectrum Condition Professionals

Our team has a wealth of ASC experience.  Sensory experts and professionals trained to work effectively with all aspects of ASC, we are able to support the most complex of needs. We work sensitively on a case by case basis, at a pace and level that is appropriate to an individual’s requirement. Our programmes are bespoke, holistic and effective.

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