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The Thrive Approach
The Impact of The Thrive Approach

The Thrive Approach

Kent Test Tuition

What is The Thrive Approach?

THE Thrive Approach 

The Thrive Approach is a specific way of working with all children and young people that helps to develop their social and emotional wellbeing, enabling them to engage with life and learning.

Kent GCSE Tuition

How Does it Work?

The Thrive Approach

Our licensed Thrive Practitioners use the Thrive-Online tool. Thrive-Online enables practitioners to gather and apply data relating to an individuals social and emotional development.

A-Level Tuition

What  Does Tuition Extra Do?

The Thrive Approach

We create individual detailed action plans, with a raft of strategies and age-appropriate activities included in lessons that will support social and emotional development – building resilience.

How our Tutors utilise Thrive

The Thrive Approach 

100% of students on the Tuition Extra Thrive Approach course progress socially and emotionally, resulting in reparative resilience.

Teaching and training our staff in utilising The Thrive Approach is paramount to improving student engagement. Meeting unmet needs is paramount to children and young people flourishing academically and becoming confident individuals. The Thrive Approach has been developed in such a way that all students can achieve their full potential!

The Impact of Tuition Extra

The Thrive Approach

“Tuition Extra provides a truly bespoke service to children and young people who may have struggled to access mainstream education. By recognising the individual needs of each child or young person, the team are achieving amazing results and are supporting young people to re-engage with education and with life. Ruth and her colleagues richly-deserve this award and it is inspirational to hear about the work they are doing for young people’s mental wellbeing.”

Mel Fisher, Thrive’s Relationship Manager for the South East, East and London. Read more.

How we incorporate The Thrive Approach! 

The Thrive Approach  

By focusing kinaesthetic activities, our Thrive Approach Practitioners play side-by-side with our young people.  Children and young people have the freedom to explore, experiment, and through sensory stimulation,  which is fantastic for the brain and memory development, and motor skills.

Play encourages communication and turn-taking; there is no right or wrong way to play, and the Thrive Approach ensures vulnerable or distressed children feel safe and able to engage with learning.

These activities range from horse riding, bush-craft activities at our Ancient Woodland to mixing beats in the Recording Studio, creating unique hairstyles in the Tuition Extra Salon or cooking u in our Catering Suite & horse-care at our farm!

“Tuition Extra is the only reason my son is able to take his A-Levels this year! ”

“He has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and his original school completely abandoned him during chemotherapy and treatment. Hopefully he’ll get his predicted 3A’s or A*s! His tutors have been an absolute godsend. Thank you.” – Parent, Feedback

"I want to express my appreciation for your time tutoring me."

“I want to express my appreciation for your time tutoring me over the past two years. I have enjoyed and valued our time immensely, and I concur that these units have benefitted me greatly. I have significantly improved my confidence, work quality, and organisational skills as we’ve worked together. Thank you wholeheartedly for the support you’ve given me during this unit and from the start of my education with Tuition Extra. And thank you also for your kind words; they made me smile!” –  Student, Feedback

"I am a foster carer & Tuition Extra has changed the lives of my two long-term placements."

“I am a foster carer & Tuition Extra has changed the lives of my two long-term placements. My first long-term placement, Tuition Extra supported them to achieve her GCSEs and she is now at University. My second long-term placement had every education placement request rejected. Tuition Extra was the only establishment to accept him. He is now Thriving accessing the most education he has ever received and now has aspirations. Tuition Extra sees the need and the individual.” – Carer, Feedback

"He could not stop talking about your teaching approach"

“I commend you for the work you have done with ****! He could not stop talking about your teaching approach and how much he enjoyed it. Never in my career did I think **** would be excited to learn. I am most grateful for your support.” – Thanet Children in Care

"Tuition Extra have rejuvenated her interests in school and learning."

“***** and her family shared high praise for Tuition Extra, its teaching staff and the experience that ***** has been getting. They note that the approach and reasonable adjustments made for her have rejuvenated her interests in school and learning as well as positive futuristic thinking. In their words “***** is a completely different person.” – Virtual Schools Kent, Feedback

"My son has severe dyslexia and the tutors are excellent with him."

“My son attends twice a week to support him with his studies. He has severe dyslexia and the tutors are excellent with him and understand his processes.”- Parent, Feedback

"Tuition Extra have restored an enthusiasm for learning in both my children"

“Tuition Extra are an amazing and caring organisation whose efforts have restored an enthusiasm for learning in both my children who now actually look forward to lessons. My family and I cannot thank Ruth and her colleagues enough!!” – Parent, Feedback

"At Tuition Extra my son is not just a number, he is a person."

“My son attends Tuition Extra and loves it. The personal tuition and positive approach they offer him is fantastic. They see the lovely person he is and we are frequently told this. He is not just a number he is a person, who the teachers enjoy teaching. He will be taking his GCSEs shortly and has been told he has an excellent chance of obtaining excellent results, (something we never ever have been told before) All in all a great experience for us all!” – Parent, Feedback

"Tuittion Extra transformed her outlook on life.”

“My daughter has complex health needs and did not engage in a mainstream school. After switching to Tuition Extra, she excelled under their BTEC pathway. The tutors reinforced her abilities and transformed her outlook on life.” – Parent, Feedback

"Always cheery, always helpful. All at Tuition Extra deserve recognition!"

“Tuition Extra have been working holistically with my son for over a year, he has two amazing tutors, he wouldn’t leave the house, and struggled to leave his bedroom, he now goes climbing, on walks and cooking. We have been supported not only by his tutors but also by staff at their office, checking in to see how things are going, sorting out any issues, always cheery, always helpful. All at Tuition Extra deserve recognition!” – Parent, Feedback

"Hopeful and positive about her education and learning."

“***** really enjoyed coming to Tuition Extra and I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who made her feel so safe and welcome – especially Amanda. She was particularly kind and understanding and made ***** feel really hopeful and positive about her education and learning new skills for the first time in a very long time!” – Parent, Feedback

"Tuition Extra actually do care and want the best for the students."

“Tuition Extra actually do care and want the best for the students. They will try new ideas and new approaches willingly if it helps even just one student. Students are treated like individuals and not a collective mass of sameness.” – Parent, Feedback

Join our Family Thrive!

What is Family Thrive?

Family Thrive is holistic support for the whole family, foster & carer unit. Tuition Extra can support the adults around our children and young people by offering regular Family Thrive workshops with our highly experienced Family Thrive lead, Amanda.

What is the impact?

By helping you understand children’s social and emotional development, we enable you to help your children become confident, curious, emotionally resilient and in engaged with both life and learning. We’re offering you reassurance.

How do I join?

Email Amanda today! We are not offering a parenting programme or activities to fill-time.

We’re offering you a guiding hand & reassurance.

The Thrive Approach

Thrive Approach Lead & Trainer


Amanda Thompson

Amanda is our Thrive Lead & Trainer, she is a qualified Family Thrive & Adolescent Course Lead & Early Years practitioner with a Level 3 NVQ SEN & Young Adults certification.


Thrive Trainer


Family Thrive Lead


Thrive Lead Practitioner


NVQ 3 Child & Adolescent SEN


Leith’s Advanced Diploma


Qualified Chef

What else can Tuition Extra do? Wellbeing Animals!

The thrive approach

The neuroscience of linking social and emotional needs with animals! At Tuition Extra, we have a range of wellbeing dogs, big and small, available for in-office tuition and at our other sites – Ancient Woodland. 

Animals are non-judgmental and calm the anxious brain. Hugging a dog releases dopamine. Calming and neutralising stress chemical called cortisol (fight, flight and freeze). Our children and young people can join us in this state. Working with animals releases serotonin (oxytocin), the feel-good chemicals making us calm and happy.

Simply being with animals regulates and lowers our student’s heart rate and stress hormones – improving social interaction, bonding, trust and attachment. Furthermore, decreasing aggression and increasing generosity – Oxytocin, linked with animals, makes us feel happy!

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