Vocational skills

Hair & Beauty

Salon Extra


Our salon is state-of-the-art and made for students undertaking their BTEC Level 1 Vocational Studies or as part of a wider holistic pathway with progression available to Level 2. 

Vocational Skills

Treatments are performed under the supervision of industry experts,  teaching  pupils practical skills that will support employment opportunities!

Holistic Provision

Our teaching and learning is effective and truly child-centred.  We work flexibly and holistically, following the THRIVE Approach to understand and meet the wider needs of our students.



Pupils have the chance to gain experience in all areas of hairdressing and beauty treatments including manicures, pedicures, lamination, eyelash extensions, nail art and more!


Salon Extra is a hub for young people to train with industry experts!

Salon Extra is a hub for young people to train with industry experts, with the flexibility to follow their passions and explore a variety of hair and beauty practices. Pupils can work towards a formal qualification, BTEC Level 1 Vocational Studies, with onward progression opportunities.  This programme has a learner-centred curriculum with a flexible unit-based structure. Hair and Beauty classes can also be used to re-engage learners holistically, which gives room for progress academically, socially and emotionally.

Students can work in our Canterbury commercial training salon, Salon Extra, which is selectively open to the public. Our young people can gain vital vocational skills and customer service experience to support employment opportunities in the 21st Century.

Young people are encouraged to take ownership of the salon and how it is represented to the public, learning additional business management and marketing techniques along the way. It is important that our students feel they are a part of the space and have contributed to the salon’s development.

Our BTEC pathways are bespoke and tailored to the individual offering young people ongoing social and emotional support alongside their BTEC qualification. Our team utilises a variety of methods from the THRIVE Approach to animal therapy. Learning is creative, relevant and aspirational.  Our connected therapeutic provision removes learning barriers to support individual needs.

With consistent and positive outcomes for students, 2019 on average saw pupil engagement rise from 11% to 95% within the first four months. Our results remain consistent and impressive.