Theraputic & Holistic Learning

Holistic Provision

Holistic Provision 


 For some children and young people, learning to flourish both personally and academically requires a different approach.  Targeting therapeutic and emotional support, or engaging more holistic, creative and bespoke styles of learning can be inspirational and life changing. We have a number of fantastic farm and forest provisions, along with state of the art vocational hubs, which offer programmes of learning that do just that! 

As well as working successfully across Kent in and out of mainstream settings, we bring education out of the classroom and into natural, practical and dynamic settings.  Our outdoor and indoor sites provide our youngsters with time and space, in a safe environment alongside our many rescue and therapy animals. Our woodland setting hosts an exciting Forest School, allowing students to flourish and engage in the excitement of learning outdoors among nature. Our professional-grade recording studio and media suite has opened up a world of creativity, music production and design. The Tuition Extra Construction, Woodwork and Mechanics’ suite provide real opportunities to learn in a hands-on and kinaesthetic way, developing skills for life! We aim to inspire a love of learning to suit each individual child.

Our professionals have trained in trauma-sensitive approaches, with compassion at the heart of all that we do; every child matters. The thrive approach understands the importance of building positive relationships.

Learn more about our bespoke holistic THRIVE provision below!

Thrive at Tuition Extra

The Thrive Approach

The Thrive Approach is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach. It is informed by recognised neuroscience, child development theory and research.

Family Thrive

We enable you to help your children become confident, curious, emotionally resilient and more engaged with both life and learning.

Wellbeing Animals

THRIVE with Dogs

Animals are non-judgmental and calm the anxious brain. Hugging a dog, releases dopamine. This is a calming and neutralising stress chemical, called cortisol (fight, flight and freeze). 


Farm & Ancient Woodland


At Tuition Extra, we facilitate the time and space for children and young people to progress emotionally and academically with our professional mentors, psychotherapists, occupational therapists and THRIVE practitioners. Our holistic farm programme integrates several evidence-based therapeutic methods with practical land-based and horse-care techniques.

Our professionals have trained in trauma-sensitive approaches, with compassion at the heart of all that we do; every child matters. Farm therapy is functional, meaningful and effective. We understand that finding the correct environmental conditions that allow for each young person to reach their full potential is of paramount importance. Our students finish their programmes at the farm with increased mental toughness, with confidence in their ability to take on the future and handle emotional change.

The farm settings, between our Ancient Woodland and Chalkhill Farm,  host a variety of animals including horses, chickens, goats, ponies and therapy dogs. Many of our animals have been rescued from abusive or neglectful situations. As such, they have a connected sensitivity to the young people who work with them. All our environments are accessible and friendly with facilities comprise of a learning centres, wild gardens, stables, training ground and carpentry workshop. Practical farming and horse-care techniques are applied to therapeutic sessions such as horse-riding, horse-care, animal feeding, animal handling, egg collecting, environment care and gardening. We can deliver and teach a range of BTEC courses from the farm including Horse Care, Construction, Engineering and Carpentry!