Bespoke Education

How We Work

The Tuition Extra Journey 


Pupils can be admitted to us privately or through a Local Authority route from Kent or elsewhere across the UK.  Many pupils will have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), Additional Educational Needs or have an interest in a particular subject area or pathway. We will take into consideration a child or young person’s journey to us, their learning style, historic schooling and personal circumstances. It is important to take time to understand details of a pupil’s individual needs in order to ensure that we respond to each young person in a bespoke and tailored way. 

Tuition Extra will endeavour to meet all aspects of need. If a young person has an EHCP and we are consulted with, we will make our best endeavours to ensure that our offer meets all of their statutory provision. We have a range of avenues available to meet the needs of any young people at our school.  This could mean implementing a holistic approach to learning at one of our Forest School or Farm sites, or directing academic or therapeutic support.  Our team of professionals is able to incorporate a range of therapies from speech and language, occupational to psychotherapy, as well as directing our THRIVE Approach where appropriate. Our therapeutic provision is led by our SEN Team and experienced SENCO.  This team works hard to remove barriers to learning to improve student engagement with outstanding outcomes – our approach is truly child-centred. 

We welcome applications from all students who seek an educational pathway that is bespoke and high impact, inspirational and aspirational.  Our outstanding academic and vocational results speak for themselves.  Why not drop us a line to find out more!

On Admission

We receive pupil admissions via local authorities, county council and privatley.


We create bespoke educational programmes based on pupils EHCP, and/or relevant reports. 

Allocate Tutor

We select tutors with the relevant experience,  and approach to meet the individuals needs.

Remove Barriers

Tutors assess barriers to learning missed by the EHCP. Professionals are brought support the pupil.

Next Steps: Bespoke Plan 


Once an initial bespoke plan is revised our team find the appropriate tutor with the experience, qualifications, and approach to meet the individuals’ needs.  We establish targets based on relevant reports or linked to the individuals EHCP outcomes; these are reviewed every 6- weeks.

Tutors and professionals liaise with each other to establish any other specific barriers to learning. They will then identify further support if needed. Tutors will work to remove all barriers to assess academic levels and will confirm what the pupil would like to achieve from their education. Our team’s collective experience provides a unique and powerful solution that can respond, with bespoke and wrap-around precision, to a child or young person’s individual needs.

The flexibility and bespoke nature of Tuition Extra means we can provide a broad curriculum, specialist subjects and qualifications to our children and young people. We build from our pupils interests – inspiring and enabling them to achieve their full potential. Our students finish their education with confidence in their ability to take on the future, and increased mental toughness to handle emotional change.

In the first four months on average student engagement  improves from  11% to 95%