Community outdoor Project

Graveney Community Project

Our Graveney Site 


Set in the beautiful rural Swale, our Graveney Site is home to rare bird species, horses and extordainary wildlife! Our rescue horses, Max and Morris, are on hand to provide therapeutic and empathy-building restbite. As a community project, Graveney is a work in progress, with plans to expand our offering every month. Currently, pupils who enjoy woodwork, gardening and crafting are working on building outdoor spaces, planters, fire pits, painting murals and recycling wood to create a waterproof shelter with chalkboard walls. Students have described a sense of independence as they are encouraged to take ownership of their own environment and the work they have contributed. It is important that our young people feel they are apart of the space, and have contributed to its’ beauty.

Our THRIVE Practitioners and wellbeing mentors work collaboratively with young people to develop a community hub. Their input is vital; developing the site together allows young people to experience success. In line with the THRIVE Approach, this allows us to implement practical measures that enable pupils to achieve their potential and focus on healthy emotional and social wellbeing.

Community projects ignite life skills in young people and for many, learning can be more accessible when it is kinesthetic. As such, we are able to re-engage learners holistically, which gives room for progress academically, socially and emotionally.

Learning at Graveney


Learning to flourish both personally and academically for some young people, requires a different approach. Learning a new skill in a holistic setting removes the fear of failure, which in turn enables pupils to build resilience, encourage aspiration, and re-engage with education. Woodcraft, for example, helps tremendously with fine-tuning motor skills, and caring for animals develops empathy. 

Graveney is one of Tuition Extra’s holistic learning environments, set in the teaming wildlife of the Graveney Marshes. This site offers students the opportunity to work in small groups or one-to-one, on activities which focus on improving self-worth and emotional development. Graveney is a hub for expression and as such, we can accommodate varied interests including woodcraft, photography, horticulture, animal care and much more! 

Focusing on play and kinesthetic activities, our THRIVE Practitioners play side-by-side with our young people, increasing their social tolerance and emotional resistance. Children have the freedom to explore, experiment, and be guided through sensory stimulation, which is fantastic for brain and memory development, strength and motor skills. Play encourages communication and turn-taking; there is no right or wrong way to play and the THRIVE approach ensures vulnerable or distressed children to feel safe, special and able to engage with learning. For young people we offer right-time and reparative support, providing action plans to support the needs of students who struggle to access mainstream learning. 

The THRIVE Approach

THRIVE is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach. It is informed by recognised neuroscience, child development theory and research. Tuition Extra’s personalised and flexible approach encompasses therapeutic provisioning alongside education. As a wrap-around service, our professionals are THRIVE Approach trained to help pupils regulate their behaviour and learn about their emotions to be better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs. The thrive approach understands the importance of building positive relationships; we ensure that the young people are given the appropriate amount of time and space to do this.

The collective expereince of our qualified THRIVE Practitioners ensures each young person has a unique and individualised plan to meet and support their specific needs.  This approached is woven into a choice of creative, vocational and academic pathways from our Graveney Site or with our Chalkhill Farm Partners. The tranquillity and space of our natural, outdoors sites, combined with our professional THRIVE Approach, means that our students progress rapidly, both emotionally and academically.

Meeting needs using the Thrive approach

THRIVE allows us to provide targeted interventions that meet the young persons’ needs at wherever they are in their emotional development. Our licensed THRIVE Practitioners use the THRIVE-Online tool to create detailed action plans, and plan suitable interventions to address the young person’s presenting needs, reviewing this at regular intervals.