Online Parent Toolkit

The THRIVE team have pulled together some hints and tips in this first, FREE release of the Thrive-Online Parent Toolkit. It is a facility for you to expand and personalise the toolkit for you and your children. With helpful tips for looking after yourself.

Community Group

To support parents and carers, the THRIVE team have launched a public Facebook group filled with Thrive strategies and activities, as well as links to resources from other organisations and the sharing of ideas and thoughts.

Family Thrive

Experts tell us that our children’s behaviour is their way of communicating an unmet need, often because they do not yet have the language to tell us. By helping you understand children’s social and emotional development, we enable you to help your children become confident, curious, emotionally resilient and more engaged with both life and learning.

Family Thrive is holistic support for the whole family, foster & carer unit. Tuition Extra is able to support the adults around our children and young people by offering regular Family Thrive workshops with our highly experienced Family Thrive lead Amanda.

Thrive can give you an insight into why children behave as they do. The Thrive Approach can provide you with pointers to help create positive experiences that support their wellbeing and build their emotional resilience. We are not offering a parenting programme or yet more activities to fill the time. We’re offering you a guiding hand and reassurance.

The Thrive Approach shows you how to be – and the impact this has on those around you. It helps you to understand why your children or young person might behave the way they do. You will discover how to ensure your time and interactions with your children have a positive impact. Family Thrive will offer you some strategies and activities that help build positive relationships in your family unit, for the wellbeing of each and every one of you.

Our sessions   

Family Thrive is a series of six sessions that are tailored for groups of parents, carers, teachers and education profesionals whose children or young people have Thrive support available to them through Tuition Extra. The sessions are led by Amanda and cover things like: how our brains develop; the sort of triggers that may affect children; understanding behaviour and what it may be trying to communicate as well as Thrive-related activities which can be done at home. The idea is to help parents, carers and guardian units to support their children’s mental and emotional health and to extend the Thrive Approach into the home.

 Come on this course to find out about: the Thrive Approach, how our brains develop, how your right brain talks to your left brain!, why play and creativity are so important to you and your child, how to support your child at times of change and difficulty, everyday trigger times and how to keep calm and how to be a behaviour detective.

“I loved this approach SO much I have booked training for my school!”

– A. Edgington, Head Teacher, St Stephen’s Infant School.


Our Case Study: Chalkhill Farm

Survival Kit for Parents and Carers

What difference does Thrive make?

Secondary Setting Feedback

“Tuition Extra are an amazing and caring organisation! Their efforts have restored an enthusiasm for learning in both my children who now actually look forward to lessons.” Parent Feedback

You have all been incredible in the way that you have supported ****, genuinely going above and beyond. It has been a relief to know that he is supported by committed teachers!” Parent Feedback

Helping you know what to do and how to be with your young people

Non- Judgemental Support