Vocational skills




Young people learn practical vocational woodwork and carpentry skills, setting out, manufacturing of basic joinery items, the theory behind carpentry and joinery while learning health and safety in construction.

Mechanics & Engineering

Our young people work on exciting projects across a variety of motor vehicles from go-karts to classic cars. Pupils learn about vehicle maintenance, service and repair, blending practical with functional skills theory. 


We deliver BTEC Level 1 in Vocational Studies,  a flexible course structure that blends theory with practical application. 

Pupils can learn multi-trades: carpentry, mechanics, engineering, electrics, painting, and building maintenance.


Through hands-on learning, pupils will undertake domestic electrical installation, electrical circuit installation, lighting circuit installation and more.

These pathways enable learners to gain knowledge and vocational skills with a unique blend of theory and practical.


Learning trades.

Changing lives!


Students work in our Canterbury workshop, our learners have access to industry-standard equipment and machinery. Our workshop offers an exciting place for students to participate in unique projects. Leaners have access to go-karts and other motor vehicles, and the additonal opportunity to repair and resell different motors. Helping them to gain vital vocational skills, trade skills and business experience to support employment opportunities in the 21st Century.

Young people are encouraged to take ownership of the workshop and develop building maintenance skills by upgrading our sites. It is important that our young people feel they are a part of the space and have contributed to the development of the workshop.

BTEC Level 1 Vocational Studies, has a learner-centred curriculum, with a flexible unit-based structure. Construction classes can re-engage learners holistically, which gives room for progress academically, socially and emotionally.

Our BTEC pathways are bespoke and tailored to the individual offering young people  ongoing social and emotional support alongside their BTEC qualification.

With consistent and positive outcomes for students, 2019 on average saw pupil engagement rise from 11% to 95% within the first four months.  Our results remain consistent and impressive.